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ASUR PLANT BREEDING produces a large part of its own varieties and Nordsaat’s.

A real know-how in seed production

Hybrid wheat multiplication fields consist of alternate strips of the mother line, which will be sprayed with Croisor®100 at a specific stage and dose to abort pollen formation, and of the father line. The strips width varies according to the variety and the local conditions, to ensure satisfactory pollination of mother plants. Basic seeds of parent lines are produced and processed by ASUR PB, mostly in its Pont-Roy seed plant in France.

Each hybrid wheat multiplication field requires an average 7 to 8 inspections and specific measurements by ASUR PB’s experts and subcontractors’ licensed crop inspectors, under supervision of official crop inspectors. After harvest, the seeds are cleaned, treated and packed in units (of 0.5M to 12M kernels) by about 20 seed plants subcontracted by ASUR PB, and delivered to more than 200 distributors across Europe.