About us

ASUR PLANT BREEDING, formerly named SAATEN-UNION RECHERCHE, is a France originated company established in 1997. It is co-owned by 4 of SAATEN-UNION's members, the family-owned German plant breeders Nordsaat, Ackermann, Petersen and Südwestsaat. Three french distributors recently joined the shareholding: Acolyance, Terre-Atlantique and CAVAC.

Asur's headquarters and main research facilities are in Estrées-Saint-Denis, a small town west of Compiègne and about 80 km north of Paris. ASUR PB also has a medium size seed plant that processes 3,500 tons of basic seeds mostly, as most of the commercial seeds are sub-contracted (hybrids) or out-licensed (lines).

There are currently 40 employees.

ASUR PB is one of the three shareholders of the wheat breeding collaboration Elsoms Wheat Ltd (EWL) in the United Kingdom. It is also a shareholder of the Mezöseed seed production company in Hungary.