Seed Production Technology

ASUR PLANT BREEDING is at the forefront of technical innovation in the field of hybrid seeds production, with the Croisor®100 technology as well as through major projects: seeds conservation, cross-pollination, and hybridity rate.

CROISOR®100 : a unique hybridization technology

Croisor®100 is ASUR PB's proprietary Chemical Hybridizing Agent (CHA), a special type of Plant Growth Regulator that prevents the formation of viable pollen grains in wheat plants once applied at a special dose and growth stage.

Croisor®100's active substance SINTOFEN has been successfully registered for hybrid wheat seed production by the European Union in 2010, thanks to its very favourable health and environmental profiles. The Croisor®100 formulated product is authorized for use in France and various states of the EU's central zone.

Croisor®100 needs to be complemented with a mix of specific adjuvants in order to be absorbed by the wheat plants. One of them, ASUR®, has been specially developed by ASUR PB in order to reduce the effective dose by up to 40%. Croisor®100 is only supplied by Asur to hybrid wheat seed growers under contract.

Croisor®100's Technology Department ensures the deregulation, development and procurement of Croisor®100. It also runs continuously various cutting-edge R&D projects to improve the effectiveness of hybrid seed production, toward a minimal quantity of hybridization agent and a maximal efficiency.