Production of hybrid wheat seed

Since 1997, Asur Plant Breeding has been developing a unique know-how in straw cereal seed hybridisation, from plant breeding to seed technology and production.

ASUR PLANT BREEDING produces many of its own varieties and also supports some licensed seed producers in a number of countries.

Hybrid wheat breeding fields consist of alternating strips of male and female lines. The female line receives an application of the hybridisation agent Croisor®100. The basic seeds of the parental lines are produced and processed by ASUR Plant Breeding, mainly at its dedicated seed factory in the north of France.

Each hybrid wheat breeding field requires an average of 7-8 specific inspections and measurements by ASUR Plant Breeding production engineers and licensed technicians, under the supervision of official crop inspectors. After harvesting, the seeds are washed, processed and put into packages (containing between 500,000 and 12 million seeds) by some fifteen partner seed producers, and delivered to the distribution network in Europe.

Hybrid wheat production technology

ASUR PLANT BREEDING is at the forefront of technical innovation in the field of hybrid seed production with Croisor®100 technology.

Croisor®100 is ASUR PB’s exclusive hybridisation agent, a special type of plant growth regulator that prevents pollen release.

Croisor®100’s active substance SINTOFEN is approved for hybrid wheat seed production by the European Union. Croisor®100’s formulated product is authorised in France and in various central EU countries.

Croisor®100 must be supplemented with a mixture of specific adjuvants to be absorbed by the wheat plants (improving the efficiency of hybrid seed production, towards a minimum amount of hybridisation agent). Croisor®100 is only supplied by ASUR to contracted hybrid wheat seed producers.