ASUR Plant Breeding is part of a wide range of collaborations with the objective of plant breeding, seed technology development and marketing.


The company is involved in multi-partner programmes to meet major challenges.

The growth in parasitism is a constraint taken into account primarily in ASUR’s plant breeding, for example through FSOV or CASDAR programmes, and through collaboration with CETAC on topics such as the identification of solutions to barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV), the development of lines resistant to wheat dwarf virus, or markers for resistance to scald. The B4E collaborative platform brings together ASUR, ELSOMS Wheat Ltd and NORDSAAT to share tools and optimise the exchange of know-how.


Innovation is at the heart of ASUR Plant Breeding’s values. It is expressed through the creation of new varieties, of course, but also in the development of innovative seed technologies.

In collaboration with two packaging companies, ASUR has thus developed an innovative solution for the vacuum storage of seeds and grains with the Safet’Hy process. The success of this solution led to the creation of a subsidiary, Tamia Pack, which is now in charge of developing this process.

Optimising the crossing of parent lines of hybrids by transporting pollen using a controlled air flow is an idea supported and developed by a collaboration between ASUR, Syngenta and INRAE. The future of the solution is now in the hands of a young company: POLLINOVA.

Distribution networks

As a member of the Saaten-Union Group, ASUR quite logically entrusts the marketing of its varieties to the subsidiaries of the Saaten-Union Group throughout Europe and, for certain countries, to its historical partners. In France, it is the Deleplanque – Saaten-Union Network that markets ASUR’s line and hybrid wheat varieties thanks to its “field crops” sales team supported by the Agronomy and Marketing teams.