Hybrid wheat

Since the early 2000s, ASUR Plant Breeding has been the world’s leading breeder of hybrid wheat. It has registered over 40 varieties in Europe since 2002, including the very popular varieties Mercury, Hysun, Hystar, Hyfi and Hyking.

Why choose hybrid wheat? We are convinced of its value for its productivity, disease tolerance and input optimisation. The stability of its results allows for large-scale geographical deployment (European Union and beyond).

The breeder’s objective is to obtain a combination of two parents that offer the best possible heterosis effect, while validating the seed production process. As a result of molecular breeding, the combination of parents is optimised.

Line wheat

Since its foundation, ASUR Plant Breeding has been breeding winter wheat varieties, with BOSTON as its first registered variety. Over the last two decades, ASUR Plant Breeding has registered varieties such as BAGOU, CHEVRON, CREEK, JOHNSON and finally CHEVIGNON, which has been the leading variety grown in Europe for the last three years.

The success of ASUR Plant Breeding’s varieties has quickly spread beyond France to make ASUR a recognised player in Europe and far beyond.

ASUR’s line wheat breeding programme is focused on the development of new multi-performance and sustainable varieties.

Hybrid barley

ASUR Plant Breeding has had a hybrid barley breeding programme since 2013. The SU Hylona variety, registered in the Czech Republic and Hungary, is a direct result of this programme.

The hybrid barley programme is based on a CMS hybridisation system.