Vacuum storage of seeds and grains – Tamia Pack

In order to be able to deliver seeds harvested the previous year and therefore be able to store them while retaining their germination capacity, vacuum storage seems to be the ideal solution because of its reliability, durability and economic aspect.

Combined with the use of an airtight envelope, the process (called Safet’Hy) protects seeds and grains from changes in their external environment as well as from insect and rodent attacks, reduces energy consumption thanks to storage in a conventional warehouse (no need for ventilation or a cold room) and, of course, guarantees the preservation of quality.

Tamia Pack was created in September 2019 to support the commercial development of this innovation.

With more than 20,000 tonnes successfully packaged in France and abroad, Tamia Pack offers vacuum packing of seeds and grains in heat-sealed aluminium bags, from 200 g bags to 1.2 t big-bags, as a service at the company’s head office, or directly at its customers’ premises thanks to its mobile machine, the Tamia Mobile.

Pollen flow optimisation – Pollinova

Environmental factors can interfere with the natural process of pollen transfer from male to female parent lines in hybrid seed production. This results in yield variations from year to year and inevitably lowers the spike fertility in the middle rows of the recipient plant strips. Seed producers need to cover yield variations.

To do this, ASUR Plant Breeding invested in research in partnership with INRAE and SYNGENTA to form POLLINOVA. Created in 2020, POLLINOVA has developed an innovative technology that enables pollen to be collected from pollinating plants, transported and distributed to the male sterile recipient plants. The technology reproduces a gentle breeze and controls the flow of pollen. It now holds a worldwide patent.

Pollen supplementation is a new practice that will help seed producers secure their hybrid seed production.