Quality, dynamism and creativity

ASUR PLANT BREEDING, formerly known as SAATEN-UNION RECHERCHE, is a French plant breeder and member of the SAATEN-UNION Group. Its shareholders are four German family-owned plant breeding companies Nordsaat, Akermann, P.H Petersen and Südwestsaat, and three French agricultural cooperatives CERESIA, CAVAC and Terre Atlantique.

ASUR PB’s head office and main research facilities are located in Estrées-Saint-Denis (60) in France (15km west of Compiègne and about 80km north of Paris).

ASUR PLANT BREEDING selects straw cereal varieties for hybrid wheat, line wheat and hybrid barley. Its varieties are marketed throughout Europe via the SAATEN-UNION network and its partners. It has been the only operator on the hybrid wheat seed market for some twenty years, and over the last five years has seen exponential growth in its market share in line wheat, particularly with the CHEVIGNON variety.

ASUR PLANT BREEDING cooperates in the “Breeding For Europe” (B4E) alliance with NORDSAAT, one of the largest German cereal breeders, and ELSOMS WHEAT, a breeder of wheat for the UK’s maritime climate. All three are major players in field crop breeding with shared skills, genetics and technical resources to create varieties suitable for the whole of Europe.

The company is known for the quality of its products, its dynamism and its creativity.